Facilities Housing FAQs



Helpful Information for Commonly Encountered Maintenance Issues

We are constantly looking for ways to help you through any maintenance challenges you may experience while you are living in our facilities. We have staff available to help you with the tough challenges, but we've also included some helpful information below.


Only use automatic dishwasher detergent, as not all dishwashing soap is the same. Regular dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, and liquid dish soap will create excess suds and flood the kitchen floor.

Scrape plates and rinse to remove food and scraps before loading.

During Business Hours (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Call or visit the Employee & Family Housing Office for assistance. 

  • Employee & Family Housing Office
    796 State Drive
    San Francisco, CA 94132
    (415) 405-4000

Upon request for this service, an Employee & Family Housing staff member will verify the identity of the resident and meet them at the apartment to unlock the space.


After Business Hours (Monday - Friday, 4:30 p.m. - 9 a.m. or on weekends)

After hours and weekend lockouts will be handled by the Residential Life Desk at Manzanita Square.

  • Manzanita Square
    2 Varela Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94132
    (415) 338-0510

Please call the front desk prior to your visit. Residents will be required to confirm residency (either providing a SF State ID number or the last four digits of SSN). Upon verification of identity, a Residential Life team member will meet the resident at the apartment to unlock the space.

If you lock yourself out of your room or apartment, please go to your Community Desk for assistance. Please refer to the Community Live Guide for lock out details.


Student Lock Out Locations:

Building Complex Lock Out Location Address Phone Number
Mary Ward Hall MWH Community Desk 800 Font Boulevard (415) 406-5703
Mary Park Hall MPW Community Desk 802 Font Boulevard (415) 406-5702
Village at Centennial Square VCS Community Desk 750 Font Boulevard (415) 405-8000
Towers at Centennial Square TCS Community Desk 796 Font Boulevard (415) 405-9360
Towers Junior Suites at Centennial Square TCS Community Desk 796 Font Boulevard (415) 405-9360
University Park North Gardens UPN HR Community Desk 295 Buckingham Way (415) 566-1556
University Park North High Rises UPN HR Community Desk 295 Buckingham Way (415) 566-1556
University Park South TCS Community Desk 796 Font Boulevard (415) 405-9360

Do not plug in items already set to the “on” position. They will cause a spark in the outlet that could cause a fire. Ensure items are in the “off” position while plugging in.

Some bedrooms have a light switch that turns the wall outlet on and off. If you have an outlet that doesn’t appear to be working, try a nearby light switch to see if it is connected.

If you have a partial power outage, you may have a tripped breaker. This is normally caused by running too many electrical appliances simultaneously. Common household items that draw a lot of power are Keurig machines, microwaves, hair dryers, and refrigerators.

If the outlet next to a sink does not work, the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) may need to be reset. Push the "RESET" (usually red) button. If the outlet still does not work, submit a service request online via SF State FacilitiesLink.

Microwaves are only provided in Towers Conference Center and in Village units. Microwave ovens in all other units are the responsibility of the residents.

DO NOT put the following items into the microwave:

  • Anything made of metal
  • Utensils, foil, trays, Styrofoam or metal trim dishes
  • Gold or silver trimmed dishes will cause electrical problems in the microwave
  • If you are in doubt, look on the dish for the words “Microwave Safe”

Microwaves are not made to cook raw rice. Please use only instant rice packets or instant rice bowls in the microwave. Easy Mac requires water. Carefully follow the instructions on the package you are preparing!

DO NOT leave the microwave oven (or any kitchen appliance) unattended while cooking.

  • Nothing should go down the toilet except human waste and bath tissue. Tampons, “flushable” wipes, facial tissue, napkins, paper towels, and food will cause massive sewer back-ups.
  • DO NOT use any chemicals in the drains. Chemical drain cleaners will damage housing facility pipes. Please contact maintenance as soon as possible if you are unable to clear a clogged drain using a plunger.


Clogged Toilet

If your toilet becomes clogged, plunge hard several times. Residence halls are stocked with plungers. Contact Residential Life if you need one. If the toilet overflows, shut off the water supply.  The water supply is located behind the toilet tank close to the floor.  Contact the Facilities Service Center if you are unable to free the blockage with the plunger. If you are unsure how to a plunge a toilet, there are many videos online, such as the following: Toilet Plunging Techniques: Plumbing Tips


Slow Running Water

If you suddenly notice that water pressure has slowed in any faucet in your unit, you may need to clean the aerator located at the tip of the faucet. Simply clean any build-up that may be present, DO NOT unscrew the aerator. If the problem persists, please submit a service request online via SF State FacilitiesLink.

Note: Please remember that it is the responsibility of the residents to clean up any excess hair or clutter in the sink area BEFORE maintenance can repair a problem.


Hot Water Is Not Hot

Hot water temperature may vary from time to time, as water and steam pressures fluctuate. We recommend you run the tap for approximately 5-10 minutes to allow the water flow to heat in the pipes. If you have a persistent problem with hot water report the issue to the Facilities Services Customer Service Center at (415) 338-1568 or (415) 405-0579.