Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance staff working



The Facilities Services Preventative Maintenance (PM) team performs periodic scheduled maintenance on the University building equipment. This team forms the evening crew for Facilities Services. While performing routine inspections, maintenance and upgrades, this PM night crew ensures for minimal campus disruption, keeping equipment operating to its optimum overnight. The team is multi-disciplinary, capable of addressing broad-based preventative needs of the campus. Headed by an Administrator, the team comprises of an Electrician, Building Service Engineer, Plumber, Facilities Worker and Custodian.


What We Do

General and preventative maintenance services include:

  • Replacement of air filters
  • Routine and scheduled maintenance
  • Inspection to detect and correct system failures before they occur or develop into major system deficiencies
  • Inspection and replacement, as necessary, of all drive belts on the air intake and air exhaust fans
    • This allows the air intake fans to provide sufficient fresh air into your building, and the exhaust fans to remove the stale air, providing a pleasant working environment
  • Replacement of all heating, ventilation and air conditioning system air intake filters
    • This helps ensure the air circulating is as clean as possible
  • Systematic inspection, adjustment, lubrication of equipment to ensure satisfactory operation
  • Inspection, cleaning and repairs, as needed, of the heating boilers
  • Inspection, repairs, as needed, and high-pressure water cleaning of the air conditioning cooling tower
    • The cooling tower is needed to remove heat from the air conditioning system
  • Inspection, oil and filter changes and repairs, as needed, of the emergency generator
    • The function of the emergency generator is to provide electrical power to the critical areas of your building during the occasional loss of power from our public utility provider
  • If your building is provided with equipment cooling water systems, central vacuum pumps or air compressors that are used in research work, these will be inspected, adjusted and/or repaired as necessary

It is our intention in the Preventative Maintenance program to correct potential problems before they occur.