Building Coordinators


Facilities Services works with an important network of key Building Coordinator representatives across campus, each representing their respective University building.


Responsibilities of Building Coordinators

Building Coordinators serve as business partners with Facilities Services. Each coordinator has a responsibility to students, faculty, staff and guests to make sure the building is safe. There can be multiple Building Coordinators in each building. The Building Coordinators are responsible for the following during usual business hours:

  • Notifying building occupants of impending access interruption to public areas/utilities in the building and/or in surrounding areas
  • Advancing all campus outage notices to building occupants, as received from Facilities Services
  • Forwarding notices of construction work in the building and/or in surrounding areas that could affect occupants in other than departmental space
  • Coordinating building occupants’ response and serving as interface regarding the appropriate use and maintenance of public areas within buildings
  • At times, assisting with coordinating building key distribution to building occupants
  • Training an alternate to assume duties when the Building Coordinator is on vacation, absent, or not available
  • Notifying Facilities Services of personnel changes pertaining to Building Coordinators and Emergency After-Hours contacts


SF State Building Coordinator List

Building Name of Coordinator Department Phone Email Office

Administration Building

Jesus Alberto Garcia

Administration & Finance

(415) 338-6602

ADM 354

Burk Hall

Sarah Bach

Graduate College of Education

(415) 338-2053

BH 505

Business Building

Janet Remolona

College of Business

(415) 338-1276

BUS 322

Creative Arts

Aaron Benn

College of Liberal & Creative Arts

(415) 405-0318

CA 129D

Fine Arts

Chris Morring

College of Liberal & Creative Arts

(415) 338-7393

FA 234


Chanh Dinh


(415) 338-2243

GYM 121A

Hensill Hall, Thornton Hall, Science Building, Ethnic Studies & Psychology Building

Christopher Johansson

College of Science & Engineering

(415) 338-2259

TH 706

HSS Building

Samantha Ward

College of Health & Social Sciences

(415) 338-3330

HSS 204


John Cleary

College of Liberal & Creative Arts

(415) 338-1066

HUM 134


Matt Blevin

University Library

(415) 338-1639

LIB 340H

Marcus Hall Erin Christine Gibb College of Liberal & Creative Arts (415) 405-0319 MH 441
Mashouf Wellness Center Camree May Campus Recreation (415) 405-2873 104M

Parking Garage/Lot 20

Patricia Tolar

Parking & Transportation

(415) 338-2744

CY 103

Student Health Center

Carol Brewer

Student Health Center

(415) 338-2237

SHS 73

Student Services Building 

Mirel Tikkanen

Student Affairs/Enrollment Management

(415) 405-3566

SSB 403

Towers and Mary Ward Hall

Tiffany Mikami

Housing, Dining, & Conference Services

(415) 405-4489