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Facilities Services - Campus Repopulation FAQs

This FAQ section provides information about the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and cleaning practices in our buildings and how we are managing them in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because many buildings are connected to a centrally controlled HVAC system, building occupants have little ability to modify their systems, including increasing ventilation or filtration. Facilities Services continues to elevate and monitor the performance and capabilities of our HVAC systems and our cleaning practices. Additional information can be found below:

  • How do I know that my building HVAC system is working properly?
    All building HVAC systems on campus are monitored by Facilities Services within our campus building management system. Alarms are sent to Facilities Personnel if monitor points are out of established parameters (running, temp, filter flow, etc.).
  • What kind of air filters do we use?
    All HVAC systems on campus were upgraded in 2020 to MERV13 filters (as recommended by the CSU Mechanical Review Board). These filters are capable of catching virus size particles (including COVID-19).
  • How often do you change filters on the campus?
    Filters are changed at a minimum annually (or sooner if the monitoring shows excessive pressure).
  • Do our HVAC systems use 100% outside air?
    We attempt to use outside air whenever possible but outside air (up to 100%) is supplied based on varying factors like building duct pressure, flow and temperature needs. NOTE: ALL air regardless of whether it is outside or return air is always cycled back through the main MERV13 filters before it is supplied to the building.
  • How often is cleaning and/or disinfecting done on the campus?
    Facilities Services staff never left the campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Building cleaning schedules and protocols remained in place based on CDC and SFDPH guidelines and campus usage. At this time, many classrooms, bathrooms and public spaces are cleaned a minimum of 2 times a day.
  • What types of cleaning supplies/equipment does the campus use?
    The campus uses several types based on the space being cleaned. Some examples: Electrostatic Foggers, KAIVAC no touch cleaning systems for bathrooms, manual spray bottle and surface disinfectant wipes. NOTE: ALL cleaning agents used in 2020/2021 have been listed on the EPA virus kill list.