Service Request Information, Prioritization and Timelines

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For emergencies involving fire, life safety and/or property damage, please immediately contact the University Police Department Dispatch at (415) 338-7200.

You are encouraged to refrain from submitting service requests via SF State FacilitiesLink in the event of an emergency. If you are uncertain, you are also welcome to contact the Facilities Services Customer Service Center (CSC) at (415) 338-1568 or (415) 405-0579. Some examples of emergencies include flooding, gas smell, elevator entrapment, lockout, lock change, no hot water to a building, no heat to a building, power outage affecting a building, security and/or fire system malfunction.


What to Include on a Service Request

When you initiate a service request, we will need the following information:

Specific Location

  • The formal building name, not just the nickname of the building.
  • Room number. Every room on campus and housing property has a room/apartment number. If you can't find the number on the room, provide numbers for the rooms adjacent to the room where the work is requested.

Description of the Problem

  • You may have an idea of what's needed to solve a problem, but we also need details about the problem itself. Please be as descriptive as possible!
  • If you are reporting a problem on behalf of someone else, be sure to get plenty of details from them as well as their contact information.

Contact Information

  • Your name, phone number and email.
  • Name and phone number of the person who reported the problem or requested the work.
    • For campus service requests include:

      • Department name.
      • Departmental account number. You will not be charged for work that is campus-funded. Requests related to department equipment are the funding responsibility of your department and will require and authorized account number.

If you are a new user to our service request system and need a profile, please request this through the system or contact our Customer Service Center for assistance at (415) 338-1568 or (415) 405-0579.


Prioritization and Timelines of Service Requests

Service Request Priority Guidelines

The Customer Service Center prioritizes service requests according to the nature of the reported problem. The service request priority guidelines outlined below are intended to:

  • Provide a system to prioritize the urgency of assignment of service requests.
  • Provide fair and equitable treatment of all customers.
  • Allow the orderly, timely and efficient accomplishment of facilities work.


Priority Levels

When service requests are submitted to the Facilities Services Customer Service Center, it is assigned one (1) of four (4) priority levels. Within each priority level, work is assigned primarily on a first-in - first-out basis, contingent upon efficient coordination of work and availability of material. As service requests are received, they will be scheduled according to the following priorities:

Priority 1: Emergency Requests

Emergencies are situations that pose an immediate threat to personal health or safety or major damage to buildings. Emergencies are handled immediately to ensure safety or preserve work product or facilities.

  • Please contact University Police Department Dispatch at (415) 338-7200. Contact made with customer immediately.
  • Response Time: Immediate
  • Problems classified as emergencies may include large scale flooding, building power outages, gas smell, elevator entrapment, alarm sounding/smoke/fire, no building hot water, hazardous material spill, etc.
  • This type of request must be called in immediately and never submitted solely via a service request submission.

Priority 2: Urgent Requests

Urgent requests are typically those for which the work is considered to be important but may not qualify as emergent. Priority requests typically include conditions that immediately affect the continued performance of housing, academic or administrative services. Factors influencing urgency include if the same-day non-resolution of which would impact use or performance in the space and/or could damage the Facilities Operations or further damage the item in question.

  • Contact the Facilities Services Customer Service Center at (415) 338-1568 or (415) 405-0579 or submit a service request via SF State FacilitiesLink.
  • Response Time: Contact made with customer immediately; work is assigned and typically completed within eight (8) hours.
  • Urgent requests may include pipe leakages, minor flooding/water intrusion, front entrance or gates not securing, leaking toilets, resetting a circuit breaker, fallen branches obstructing walkways/road, large spills, etc.

Priority 3: Routine Requests

Routine requests are those considered to be important in nature but not urgent or an emergency. Requests are reviewed within one (1) working day. Work is typically scheduled within three (3) working days of service request submission, and work is completed usually within two (2) weeks. To submit a routine service request:

  • Please submit a service request online via SF State FacilitiesLink
  • Response time: Contact made with customer within 24 hours and work typically completed within 2 weeks. 
  • Routine requests may include lighting issues, lighting outages (localized), sticking locks, regular spills, broken glass, pest control, etc.

Priority 4: Specialized Requests

Service requests for work that does not pose a threat to life, safety or property, or serious disruption to day-to-day operations are considered specialized requests. These requests are put in the job queue and are processed in the order in which they are received. Large-scale requests are treated as projects. Small repairs are usually completed by arrangement with the customer.

  • Submit a service request online via SF State FacilitiesLink
  • Response time: Contact made with customer within 72 hours.
  • Specialized requests may include damaged walls, loose handle door, adjusting door hinges, repairing window treatments, etc.

Special Note:

  • No repairs, upgrades, or permanent alterations are permitted to be performed by the campus community, residents or permitted to be contracted out. The University Collective Bargaining Agreements govern all trades, labor, maintenance, grounds and custodial operations that are performed by employees of San Francisco State University.
  • The Facilities Services Housing Operations Maintenance and Housekeeping staff reserves the right to enter student bed-space units for the purposes of emergency, health, safety, maintenance, management of applicable rules and regulations, or for any other lawful purpose.
  • Employee & Family Housing (EFH) and legacy tenants will be given 24 hours’ notice for entry, except in the case of a fire/life/safety emergency.


Recharge Policy

Facilities Services has a cost recovery process, as required by the CSU, requiring departments to pay for services that are not routine maintenance. Office moves, building a wall, hanging pictures, or moving furniture are not routine maintenance and the requesting department will be charged. An account number will be required at the time of request.

The CSC will process the request in compliance with University procedures. You will be advised by a member of the CSC staff of the following:

  • When Facilities Services staff will perform the work or
  • If some or all of the work will be contracted out, Capital Planning will assign a Project Manager to be the point of contact between the Department and the approved contractor.