Grounds Maintenance

Pink flowers on campus


Grounds Maintenance

The Grounds staff provides a variety of outdoor maintenance services. Primary duties include general garden maintenance. The operation also provides integrated exterior pest management, irrigation repair and maintenance, as well as small landscape planting projects.



Turf Maintenance and Fertilization

Mowing is performed mostly on one scheduled service day of each week. Exclusions to the regular schedule occur during holidays and inclement weather. This may be needed to accommodate fertilization and various outdoor activities, which may need to use the lawns.


Tree Pruning and Maintenance

Tree pruning is performed with the intent of developing structurally sound trees with a specific appearance and the proper safe overhead clearance for pedestrians and vehicles.


Shrub Pruning and Maintenance

Shrubs are kept in a healthy, vigorous condition, free from disease and large concentrations of pests. Shrubs are pruned as needed to provide formal and informal shapes, fullness, and blooms.


Pest Control and Weed Abatement

Grounds uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM Practice) to control insects, diseases, and weeds on and around perennials, ground covers, shrubs, vines, and trees. This includes frequent monitoring and spot treatment as necessary using the least toxic methods of pest control.


Irrigation Management

Grounds manages the University water resources by utilizing the Calsense central irrigation control technology. This system uses daily plant water loss information to apply water in the proper amount and frequency to minimize the use of water in irrigating our landscapes.