Carpentry Shop


Carl Wind

Manager, Structural Maintenance


Phone: (415) 338-7245

Carpenters repairing various facilities around campus



The Carpentry Shop provides responsive services to the campus that are of light construction and small. The services provided include installation, repair and routine maintenance of public spaces, including walls, floors, ceilings and doors, plus all service calls that are generated by the campus community.


What We Do

Below is an overview of some of the services we provide:

  • Baseboard, door, drywall and plaster repairs 
  • Ceiling tile replacement and repair 
  • Restroom partitions 
  • Floor tile repair and replacement in public spaces 
  • Replacement and/or repair of vinyl floors, wooden floors and other floor surfaces in public spaces 
  • Mirror replacements in restrooms and public spaces 
  • Wooden railings and steps repair and replacement 
  • Stair tread, guard replacements, safety strips 
  • Window and glass repairs on building exteriors
  • Install whiteboards in classrooms
  • Hang artwork
  • Furniture assembly
  • Clean gutters


Carpentry Rechargeable Services

In addition to routine maintenance and repair, the Carpentry Shop also provides billable-recharge services. Such services are typically those that fall outside the scope of routine maintenance and baseline services and are customer funded. Payment for billable services is the responsibility of the requesting department or it is included in a project’s scope of work.


Types of Rechargeable Services

Below are some examples of the Carpentry Shop's rechargeable services:

  • Construction, repair and/or installation of cabinets, bookshelves and miscellaneous casework 
  • Door replacements and/or conversions within controlled space 
  • Earthquake restraints: shelves, cabinets, gas cylinders, bookshelves, file cabinets, freezers or other such furniture or equipment 
  • Picture framing, picture hanging, whiteboard/chalkboard installations or moving 
  • Office furniture repair 
  • Mirror installation or moving 
  • Replacement and/or repair of carpet squares, vinyl floors, wooden floors and other floor surfaces in departmental spaces 
  • Purchase and/or installation, maintenance and repairs of venetian blinds or draperies